Can You Relate?

I’m one of those people that laughs at almost everything & I even start crying if I laugh really hard…we call it craughing where I’m from 😉

I naturally find myself smiling most of the time; I’ve even been asked why I smile so much.

But I also find myself naturally worrying. Continue reading “Can You Relate?”


Be Different to Make a Difference

A lot of the time, I find myself writing about the things that I struggle with. In the past I have written about unhealthy social media habits, fear, and controlling my tongue- all things that I have asked God to help me with. I write about these things not to show that I have it all together or to say that I have overcome these things, but to show that God has it all together, and that He can help you overcome whatever you are facing because of His strength! Continue reading “Be Different to Make a Difference”